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Singapore has shared its experience in the field of visual media identity under the slogan “Passion Made Possible”, in an effort to promote community awareness of the importance of visual media identity.

What is Media Identity? Why are countries adopting it? The media identity of any country is a visual slogan that was designed in a way inspired by the historical, cultural, humanitarian and economic elements of its people, translates its value system, communicates its inspiring story to the world and shares its exceptional experience with the people and other countries.

The visual media identity of states seeks to build its image that entrenches it in the global mindset. In a way that reflects its unique identity and affirms its privacy.

The media identity of a State is measured by the magnitude of the impact or impression it has at the level of individuals, at the level of peoples and communities, and at the level of official relations between them and States.

Passion Made Possible Singapore’s journey to design and build its media identity began when the country became self-governing in 1959. That year, Singapore faced several challenges, notably the lack of natural resources and political instability. In addition to a lack of skilled workforce.

The EDB was established with the aim of attracting foreign investment, and since then it has managed a number of media identity campaigns, most recently the “Spirit of Singapore”.

These efforts have resulted in remarkable achievements for Singapore, a thriving country despite its small size, known for its world-class scientific standard, excellent health care, low crime rate and political stability. As a result, Singapore has one of the strongest media identities in the world.

In 2017, a new media identity, Passion Made Possible, was launched, taking more than a year to transform from concept to implementation, replacing your previous campaign ‘Your Singapore’.

The new media identity campaign was jointly launched by the Singapore Tourism Board and the Economic Development Board.

The new identity first transformed Singapore from an investment-driven economy to an innovation-led economy.

The identity was shared by the creative agencies of the Economic Development Board and the Singapore Tourism Board, which pioneered a global and innovative marketing campaign for a series of films involving about 100 people from Singapore’s multi-ethnic society. These people were divided into “groups” of “foodies, explorers, collectors, social workers, job seekers and culture lovers to showcase Singapore’s ability to deliver a customized experience for each group.

In 2018, Finance Brand / Singapore was ranked as the strongest identity of 2018 and the Financial Identity reports stated that “a strong media identity means a very attractive environment for investment.

Singapore is also known as the hub of technology in Asia, where most companies are based. Facebook has announced plans to open a new data center there in 2022.

Why did Singapore choose to design a media identity? The young state was seeking to enhance its tourism attractions that attract millions of visitors annually, where the tourism sector currently occupies a large share of the state’s revenues. Today, Singapore considers itself a country “more than a tourist destination”, but a place that “offers new possibilities.” The success of Singapore’s experience with building and designing a media identity is not new. The unique “Singapore Unique” identity, crystallized in 2004, brought in 16.8% growth in visitor arrivals and 55.1% growth in tourism receipts.

Why passion? The word “passion” in the logo highlights all aspects of Singapore’s true passion, home to many places that inspire passion.

For example, the National Gallery of Singapore houses the world’s largest collection of pieces and works of art in Southeast Asia.

Singapore is also known as a “city in a park”, for good reason, with about a third of the island wrapped in green.

In places like this, Singapore’s passion meets, but it is people who spread colors and pulse of life throughout the city.

In the city, you find passion everywhere you look. It seeps into the streets, with playlists and dancers presenting interesting passages. We also feel passion with amateur photographers as they challenge thunderstorms in search of the best shot. Rather, the passion is in the veins of retirees who cut off the streets on their bicycle decorated with lights, amidst a mosaic of colors throughout the city. These are the people you will meet in Singapore, people who inspire and embody the slogan “Passion is the key.” These are the “ambassadors of passion in Singapore”.

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