Friendship meeting in Bulgaria

On the 71st of the diplomatic relations between Joseon and Vulgaria, a friendly meeting was held in Brazza City.

The Vice President of the Culture and Public Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Bulgaria, Deputy Director of the Bulgaria Korean Friendship Association, Kim Il Sung library director in Sofia, Bulgaria , and Ambassadors of the DPRK and the Embassy in Korea were members.

In the meeting, the speakers are best Leader of reverence while they are pleased to become the memorial of diplomatic relations set up 71 anniversary of the two countries together and friends of the Korean Kim Jong-un the achievements the Korean people under the wise leadership of comrade is that achieved in socialist construction is widely introduced Mentioned for propaganda.

They emphasized that the recent international situation shows that only strong national defense power ensures the sovereignty of the country and the safety of the nation.

Meeting participants talked about developing relations between the two countries in various fields.

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