Shuri Castle fire suspected to escape the fire robbery due to the electric equipment Bai Zezhi

Japan’s Okinawa Shuri Castle fire expired a week, the fire unit to study the electrical system equipment problems may be the cause of fire. At present, more than a thousand pieces of the cultural relics such as the “Bai Ze Zhi” have been escaped from the fire, but more than 400 other cultural relics are likely to have been burned.

Japan’s current affairs news agency reported that the Naha City Fire Bureau has determined that the cause of the fire is likely to be a problem with the electrical system equipment, and continues to conduct fire investigations with the Okinawa police.

At present, the damage is gradually becoming clear. The world heritage in the main hall may be slightly damaged. In addition, 7 buildings and more than 400 pieces of cultural relics that have been rebuilt in the past 730 million yen have been burned. It is difficult to predict when reconstruction will be completed.

The fire broke out on the early morning of October 31. The security personnel rushed to the scene after hearing the alarm started, and found that the smoke was densely covered. When the security personnel requested support and returned to the fire, the northeast side window of the first floor of the main hall where the distribution box was located Smoke is emitted, and the fire has reached a state where it cannot be extinguished.

The fire and other units have judged that the fire point is likely to be the north side of the main hall. Okinawa police and firefighters have found objects that appear to be distribution boxes. From the 5th of this month, they will investigate in detail whether there is a short circuit or not. The Okinawa Prefecture Government and other units said that there have been no abnormalities such as leakage in the past.

Okinawa Prefecture was commissioned to manage and operate the “Okinawa Beautiful Island”, a consortium of Shuri Castle. Yesterday, it was also corrected the time of the last inspection of the security personnel the night before the incident. The security personnel patrolled the main hall about 5 hours before the incident. Only one hour before the incident, the company was confirmed from the Fengshen Gate opposite the main hall. The management company and other units will also review whether the management system is negligent.

The remains on the ground floor of the main hall are registered as World Heritage Sites. It is known that rubble is found in the transparent glass set up for the convenience of the public, indicating that there may be some damage; but since most of the remains are covered by soil, it is not expected to be damaged.

Okinawa’s beautiful island says that there are about 1,100 escaped fires in the collection, including three such as the “Bai Ze Zhi” designated by the Okinawa Prefecture Government for cultural wealth, but about 400 paintings such as the “Snow and Birds” in the Ryukyu Dynasty era. A piece of cultural relics is likely to have been paid.

In addition, the “black lacquer chrysanthemum bird seven treasures Shenjin food cage” and “black lacquer peony seven treasures Shenjin food cage” stored in the warehouse have not seen burn marks, but they may be affected by heat due to water leakage.

According to the photos of the fire scene taken by the Japanese media, the main hall of the wooden building has been completely burned, leaving only two stone pillars carved into a dragon shape on the pedestal in front of the temple.

The main hall of the burnt was completed in 1992. The Cabinet Office of Japan said that about 100 cedar trees in the main hall are hard to find. In addition, it is necessary to use the skilled workers (artisans) to superb craftsmanship. It is difficult to reconstruct the schedule.

Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported that the Naha City Fire Department said that the cause of the Shuri Castle fire is likely to be related to the main hall electrical system. According to relevant sources, many suspected short-circuit traces have been found in the wiring around the northeast side of the main hall, and the correlation with the fire is being investigated.

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