Trump wants allies to raise defense funds, NATO Secretary General: Seen results

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary-General Stoltenberg said today that US President Trump often complained to NATO allies and did not damage the foundation of NATO. His criticism of the allied defense budget has seen positive effects.

NATO, together with the United States, has 29 member states. President Trump often criticized NATO member states for not raising their defense budgets.

Before Trump became president of the United States, he said that NATO is “outdated.” Recently, the media reported that Trump had talked with high-ranking officials last year about withdrawing from NATO.

Jens Stoltenberg, who is visiting Washington, told Fox News today: “President Trump’s attitude is very clear. He has a commitment to NATO. He said this a few days ago, July. He also stated this during the NATO summit.”

He said: “But at the same time, he clearly expressed that NATO allies must invest more defense funds. Therefore, at the summit in July last year, we agreed to do more, so that things can start, and now we will see the results. It is.”

NATO member states agreed in 2014 to reach a target of 2% of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2024, but about half of the countries are not following the target process.

Stoutenberg said, however, that by the end of 2020, NATO allies will add an additional $100 billion to defense spending.

He added: “So we have seen real results and actual money. We also see that President Trump’s clear message has had a positive impact.”

He said: “The NATO allies have heard the loud and clear expression of President Trump. Now the allies have started, so this is good news. We do see a fairer share of funds.”

At the beginning of this month, Trump reiterated that the NATO allies have been cheaper for the US security umbrella for decades, and his task is to prevent this from continuing.

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