The prostitution group in Ho Chi Minh City first saw prostitution and prostitution as foreigners.

The police in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, recently uncovered a prostitution group and arrested four Russian and Ukrainian prostitutes and prostitutes, and once invested at least 6 million VND (about NT$8,000), which was the first to be cracked. Cases of prostitution and prostitution are foreigners.

The “Saigon Liberation Daily” news website in Vietnam reported that the Ho Chi Minh City police had investigated the way of activities involving foreign prostitution groups and announced the case.

The report pointed out that on the 22nd, the police raided two high-class hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and seized three pairs of men and women for sex trade. Two prostitutes were Ukrainians, another prostitute woman was Russian, and three hackers were Vietnamese.

Prostitutes claim that they are engaged in prostitution under the condition of a 28-year-old Russian woman named Prokoffva Elena. The minimum investment is 6 million VND for one hour. If it is overnight sleeping or special service, The capital will be higher and the police subsequently arrested the female agent.

Elena said that she has visited Vietnam since 2015 and has met many Vietnamese and foreigners. She recently opened a call to the local community and Ukrainian women to engage in prostitution in Vietnam. Software-based, each time the sex transaction is funded by Elena.

The report said that this was the first time that the Vietnamese police had cracked down on prostitution cases in which both prostitutes and prostitutes were foreigners. The case is under investigation.

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