“Rodong Newspaper” emphasizes the need to raise the responsibilities and roles of the people in the self-help rehabilitation group

28 Some “Dongdong Newspaper” emphasized in the editorial that if the self-regeneration team of this year is to be proud victor, it should increase the responsibility and role of the workers.

The editor pointed out that a group decided everything.

The revolutionary shift in the fate of the party policy, economic construction and people’s livelihood depends on the organizational skills and development of the people who design and operate the business and lead the public.

We can occupy any higher goal if our staffs are well organized and mobilized to the great revolutionary enthusiasm of the party members and workers who have left behind in the historical struggle,

The achievement of the strategic goal of the national economic development is a demonstration of our national strength and economic potential and a stepping stone to hostile forces.

Now it is time for our workers, who are in charge of every step of socialist construction, to reward the party’s great faith and expectation by performing the role of locomotive and accelerator with extraordinary ideological determination and revolutionary passion.

The editor emphasized that all the workers should do well in the revolutionary task entrusted to the self-discipline and enthusiasm of the revolutionary leader.

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