Detrimental peace talks North Korea condemns South Korean military exercise

The South Korean military has conducted anti-terrorism and cold training. The North Korean media today issued a document stating that this move undermines the peace and dialogue between South and North Korea and urges South Korea to stop military training.

South Korea’s joint news agency pointed out that the North Korean Labor Party’s “Labor News” article stated that South Korea’s mobilization of a large number of troops for war exercises at the beginning of the year cannot be ignored. This is a military operation against the trend of national reconciliation and prosperity in North and South Korea.

The article also mentions that the South Korean military has released the “2019 to 2023 National Defense Medium-Term Plan” and increased its budget, and two of the six F-35A stealth fighters received from the United States will arrive in South Korea at the end of March to condemn South Korea. It costs a lot of money to increase military strength.

The report pointed out that North Korea said in the article that the South Korean military’s various exercises and military enhancements have intensified the tension on the peninsula and the risk of war. South and North Korea have promised to work together for peace and prosperity, and South Korea should stop military training and introduce military equipment.

In addition, North Korea’s external propaganda media “by our nation” also pointed out today that military contests are the trigger for tensions and the destruction of relations between the two countries. The opportunities for dialogue and improvement of relations between the two sides have also disappeared because of South Korea’s military provocation and before they failed to achieve results.

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