Brazilian mine dam deaths increased to 58 people

The Brazilian mine dam collapse continued to expand, and today the number of dead has increased to 58 people, at least 305 people are missing.

The Brazilian Vale Minerals Company is located in the mine of Mina do Feijao in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais. Since the accident on the 25th, the rescuers have rescued 192 People, but the number of casualties continues to increase.

A spokesman for the Minas Gerais Civil Defence Agency said at a press conference that search and rescue personnel found a second employee bus near the mining company, which has more remains and the death toll will continue to increase.

After the search and rescue personnel incident, 192 people were rescued, but 21 bodies were found in the past 24 hours, and no survivors were found. The search and rescue work is still going on today. As a result of family members looking for relatives who are not missing, the number of missing persons has increased to 305.

The personnel of the mining company pointed out that the B6 dam was in danger of breaking at any time. The search and rescue work was suspended in the early morning of the 27th local time and resumed in the afternoon.

According to the Civil Defence Office, most of the wastewater from the B6 dam, which has accumulated 3 to 4 million cubic meters, has been discharged, and the structure is no longer dangerous. Another 140,000 cubic meters of wastewater will be discharged in the next 10 to 15 days.

In the international rescue operation, an Israeli special plane with 130 technicians, experts, doctors and equipment arrived in the state of Belo Horizonte. The regional development department dispatched a helicopter to carry the disaster relief team to the disaster area.

After the outbreak of the Brazilian mine dam, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called President Jair Bolsonaro to provide assistance. The national disaster relief personnel carry equipment to the disaster area to find possible survivors.

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