As the workers became skilled organizers and stubborn practitioners in the self-regeneration group

28 An editorial in some of the “Dongdong Newspaper”, “Workers Become Skilled Organizers, Strong Practitioners in the Self-Regeneration Group” is as follows.

Now all the party members and workers are taking a strong lead in opening a new way to build a banner-tall socialism of self-reliance and to elevate the New Year’s Day of the dignified leader’s comrades.

We must heighten the responsibility and the role of the workers if we heighten the spirit of high creativity and revolutionary enthusiasm of 10 million people, and celebrate this year’s self-reliant Daejin Army with proud victory.

Comrade Kim Jong Eun, the highest leader in Korea, said:

“In order to accomplish the militant task ahead of us this year, the members of the commanders of the revolution should be determined and determined to struggle.”

The fate of this policy, the revolutionary transformation in economic construction and people’s livelihood depends on the organizational skills and development of the people who design and operate the business and lead the public.

The goal of the struggle in front of us now is high and the enemy is a severe punishment of the enemy forces, so there is not much difficulty and difficulty in the way of the battle. In order to achieve this, the workers should fight harder than ever before, and to fight against the tragedy. The huge production potential reserved in the historical struggle and the skilled organizational mobilization of our workers in the revolving revolutionary enthusiasm of the party members and workers, If you do, you will be able to capture any higher goal.

Today ‘s campaign is a rewarding creative battle to revitalize the country’ s economy, and it is the first time that the government ‘s authority has been defeated. It is a fierce class struggle and political struggle to advance our socialism. Achieving the strategic goal of national economic development is a demonstration of our national power and economic potential and a stepping stone to hostile forces.

Now it is time for our workers, who are in charge of every step of socialist construction, to reward the party’s great faith and expectation by performing the role of locomotive and accelerator with extraordinary ideological determination and revolutionary passion.

In the struggle to overcome the difficulties of the past year, there is a truth that is taught to us by the experience of the units making great progress and leaps forward in the struggle to pursue the party’s new strategic line: it is a group of people with high political visions, organizational skills, In the place where there is a drum, the drums of the march are high, and the achievements of the struggle for prosperity are going up and everything is going well. , And to be a stiff practitioner.

Today, the supreme leader comrades, who are the leaders of the Great Leader and the Great General, are continuing to lead the energetic Revolutionary Leaders’ Way of unity by realizing the people’s dreams as soon as possible. There is a way to do with the true revolutionary comrades of the leader, the role of the army as a revolutionary warrior.

All workers should have a firm viewpoint of thinking that they will be entirely responsible for their own business, their unit of work, before the party.

The result of the struggle of the typical units that come from the wake of the age is a clear expression of the high responsibility and revolution of the unit workers. But if it is incompetent and irresponsible, the unit business can not stand up to the recession.

Every worker should demonstrate creative and enterprising business style with a strong position that he is totally responsible for his own business and his own work. And to be a pioneer and a pioneer in the creation and acceptance of new things, and to be a forerunner in the pursuit of self-discipline and self-discipline. Defeatism that works in a blinded manner with sit-outs or cries, blindness in the blind mode, bodilyism that is not consistent with formalism and works in the form of a schism and maintains the status quo, It must be separated.

In the real world, you have to go ahead with the operation and command in a powerful way.

It is the production and construction site where the party policy is carried out. It is the production and the construction site only. It is deep in the reality, and it sees everything with the eyes and analyzes the actual situation thoroughly, and it catches the problem positively and can take the appropriate measures immediately, You can do it well maneuverably.

Workers go down to factories, farms, and fishing villages to work in oil, soil, fish and fish, work with workers, farmers, fishermen, share their pasts, find reserves and ways, You must sit down on your desk and thoroughly dispose of the gaggle-style work that you are working on by writing and playing back the instructions of Wu underneath. It should be resilient, and it should be well organized to manage labor force, facilities management, and technical management, concentrate its efforts on the center ring, and make sure that the production struggle, the production struggle, and the assault struggle become strong.

You have to put the greatest power into activating the spirit of the public.

Our people are the great people who are endlessly faithful to the party and love their country with passion and they are the heroic people with infinite power.Our party has taught the workers the principles, methodology, We open up the political business to cultivate the possession and the impersonators of the strong will who armed the workers and the workers with the subversive attack ideology of our party, We must listen to the voice of the public and create a business of ideas and emotions so that they will be inspired by their high patriotic enthusiasm.

The more difficult and harder it is, the more active the crowd culture and arts activities and the mass sports activities should be organized so that everyone will be filled with revolutionary enthusiasm and rocket launches. Everyone should open their hearts constantly to boil their hearts with burning patriotic heat and to devote all their wisdom and passion to the wealthy prosperity of their country.

It should implement strictly the ideology of science and technology emphasis on the talented person of the party.

Focusing on human resources and being based on science and technology is the key to building up the self and the unit business at the height that the party desires. It is entirely up to the workers to build up their technological strengths. The workers are actively seeking out talent and providing the foundation of creativity so that they can maximize their talents. They create a learning craze and operate science and technology distribution room. The more revolutionary task entrusted to it, the more it should carry out in accordance with human resources and science and technology, and establish and develop a development strategy for raising its own sector and its unit to world-class level.

I have to work with my bones by putting my body in a new way.

With the greater influence and appeal than the words of a few hundred words, the Yi Shin-kyung rushes the public to the dignity and the innovation. It can receive the respect and support of the public and fulfill the mission and role as the commanding officer. There is no work to be done when the workers carry out the front.

In the creation of self-regeneration, creators, inventors, inventors who open up breakthroughs with ingenious ideas in the war, thrilling fighters everywhere in difficult and difficult corners, A political activist who invites the public to the wind, this is what our party wishes to do. Workers are divided in time, running for ten days and a half, and all of their employees are the pioneers of the times and their heroic dignity. We should also pay deep attention to this.

It is important for workers to constantly build skills and broaden their horizons to meet the demands of real-world development.

It is a skill, an achievement, a lot of knowing, and a high political awareness.

Workers must study hard to learn not only the policy of the Party but also to acquire a wider and deeper knowledge. It should be fully acquainted with the self-department, the business of the unit, and the party’s intention and reality In order to constantly innovate and develop the unit business in accordance with the needs, we should be a team of speculative and creative people who always use their heads. We learn about the experience through observation of units and units that make remarkable progress. In particular, workers should actively use the Science and Technology Information Office to acquire global development trends and modern science and technology.

In order for the members of the party to fulfill their responsibilities in today’s self-regeneration battle group, the role of the party organizations should be raised to a decisive level. The party organizations should be able to conduct a voluntary discussion on the party policy, make enforcement measures realistic, You have to push your business forward with a revolutionary and creative way with your mind and jury.

All the members of the party should be excellently inspired and enthusiastic as the leaders of the revolution, who grew up in the arms of the great party,

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