The “Asian Cup” and the “Yemeni Issue” are top editorials in local newspapers

 Local newspaper editorials in the UAE today focused on the continental football and the biggest edition of the Asian Nations Cup which brings together the continent’s teams and peoples in the homeland of tolerance.

She highlighted the wonderful images added by the 2019 Asian Nations Cup over the walls of the country not only to the wonderful facilities, the creativity of stadiums, the success of the organization and the promotion of the values ​​of tolerance but also the strength of belonging and cohesion among the people of the homeland in all occasions.

She pointed out in this regard the most beautiful image that touched the hearts and witnessed the world admiringly in the stadiums of Madinat Zayed on Monday evening, when HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces to come to the masses to support our national team In front of Kyrgyzstan to continue his career with all success and draw joy above the faces.

The press emphasized the important role of Al-Abyad on the wise leadership approach in support of our national team in today’s quarter-final match against Australia in the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain.

On the other hand, specifically in the “Yemeni issue,” the newspapers highlighted the continuation of the Huthi militias in their crimes against the Yemeni people and Iran’s support for these militias in the context of its aggressive and expansionist policies in the region.

In another matter, local newspapers warned of the danger of organizing a “terrorist” who began to move to hit more than one place and was expanding and expanding to take more space. The world was witnessing a terrorist operation here and there by the organization in more than one country, the last of which was revealed by the security authorities In Morocco to dismantle an organized cell of 13 people.

“The 2019 Asian Nations Cup has added a lot of wonderful images to the walls of the country, not only in the greatness of the facilities, the creativity of the stadiums, the success of the organization and the promotion of the values ​​of tolerance, but also in the power of belonging,” Al Ittihad wrote in its editorial. And cohesion among the people of the homeland on all occasions. “

“This is the most beautiful image that touched the hearts, and the world saw it admiringly in the stadiums of Madinat Zayed on Monday evening when HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, came to the crowd to support our national team. In front of Kyrgyzstan to continue his career with success and draw joy above the faces. “

“It is a picture of a thousand images, a lesson and a message about belonging and its meaning, sports and its importance, patriotism and responsibilities, and giving and value. The whole country turns into a single family, beating one heart in front of great goals, historical positions and exceptional moments inside and outside the sport stadiums.

“Today at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, the homeland is the flag, the poem, the cheering, the ambition, the confidence and the pride. Today, the masses came to follow the wise leadership in support and support for our national team. The first Asian Dream of Emirates Football will not only be achieved by the performance of the players and the coach’s plans, but also by the presence and support of the fans from the beginning to the end until the joy of a homeland is completed.

“The United Arab Emirates called on the international community and the Security Council to seriously pressure Iran to stop its destabilizing expansionist interventions in the region and stop supporting and arming the terrorist and sectarian militias in the countries,” the newspaper said in an editorial. Arabic ” .

“Iran insists that it does not support the Houthi militias, which is unbelievable, but Iran’s misfortune is that its lies are exposed to the whole world because by its aggressive policies and ambitions and its constant threats to regional and international security and peace, it has always been under scrutiny from the international community. The United Nations, the world’s largest neutral international body, confirms in a report prepared by a panel of experts from the Organization that the oil revenues shipped from Iran’s ports contribute to the financing of the Houthis in their ongoing war in Yemen. In its report for 2018, the Committee of Experts noted that «oil was shipped from ports in Iran Under the documents Counterfeit “to avoid the United Nations inspection of goods”.

A report by the United Nations has confirmed that the Houthis are equipped with ballistic missiles and drones with “similar characteristics” for manufactured weapons in Iran, while the agency «AFP», that the Committee of Experts, confirms in its report that short-range ballistic missiles, As well as other weapons, were sent from Iran to Yemen after the arms embargo was imposed on the country in 2015.

“All this and Iran insists on denial, and the Iranian Houthi militias are obstructing peace efforts because they will deprive them of supporting Iran, which is contrary to peace in Yemen with its goals and ambitions,” the newspaper said.

“The region is paying for the price of adventures,” he said in an interview with the Gulf daily Al-Khaleej. “The organization is moving to strike in more than one place. Instead of being confined to a certain geographical area, Iraq and Syria since its establishment in 2014, And the world is witnessing a terrorist operation here and there, carried out by the organization in more than one country, the last of which was revealed by the security authorities in Morocco to dismantle a cell of the organization of 13 people, including two people were tried earlier, Under the anti-terrorism law, where the members of this cell are active in several cities, which means that the security of Morocco succeeded Bam A step required by all countries to be vigilant in order to prevent the organization from being able to expand its territory. “

She pointed out that the dismantling of the cell of «Dahesh» in Morocco, comes within the framework of the escape of the elements of the organization from Syria and Iraq, after intensified efforts of the international community, in addition to local communities to get rid of influence and presence in the two countries, and over the past two years, culminated efforts to declare Iraq victory On the organization, but the total elimination was not fully achieved; it is still able to harm the world and stability.

She noted that the fears seemed to take place recently, after the organization was able to rearrange the ranks again, and began to return gradually to some areas expelled from them, especially in Anbar and others, for example, Tribal tribes in Diyala of Iraq, has risen recently in the face of moves that Was carried out by the organization, especially after the monitoring of the entry of a number of elements to the villages north of the province, and began to launch attacks on the people, and points of the army forces, resulting in the number of casualties.

The war on the terrorist organization was not optional; it was compulsory, after it had been able to expand its attacks to areas outside Iraq and Syria. Over the past few years, it had become a concern for the population in the areas it controlled, State within a state “, and the imposition of regulations and laws unrelated to the civil state, which people have a way to conduct their affairs.

“It is true that the war on the organization was expensive, but the complacency of not completing the task of eradicating it will have greater repercussions, especially since the United States and several European countries are beginning to experience internal crises amid fears that their efforts and policies aimed at To fight the «Daqsh»; so the region seems to pay for the adventures of the terrorist organization.

If the Europeans and the Americans are preoccupied with their internal crises, the war against the organization will undoubtedly retreat, allowing it to progress further; the threat of organization is no longer confined to a certain geographical area; it has become an intellectual danger Also, it is affecting the security of the whole world, and this complicates the scene of fighting the organization in the future.

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