Research debate on Kim Jong Eun ‘s new year’s death in Nepal, Mongolia

A study debate on the new year of Kim Jong Eun’s comrade Kim Jong Eun was held in Nepal and Mongolia on the 16th and 18th.

Participants from various countries and crowds of the country participated in the discussions.

The chairmen of the Nepalese Friendship Association of Nepal and the people who discussed the New Year’s Commentary on P. Mai Nalley emphasized that the New Year’s Day of Kim Jong Eun is a lucrative outlook for the construction of a powerful nation.

Speakers including Baekdu Mountain Association Chairman of the Baekdu Mountain Association for the Independent Development of Mongolia, Mr. Kim and his speakers said that the new year of Sir Kim Jong Eun will be the year of the establishment of the country’s independent economic structure, the improvement of relations with North and South Korea and the development of relations with all countries that love peace. And that it is clearly stated.

On the 20th, a meeting was held in Russia to support the New Year’s celebration of the supreme leader’s comrades.

The first secretary of the Russian Federation’s Amur State Chamber of Communist Party, Amr Al Q. Koh Zobu expressed his full support for the New Year’s declaration of Kim Jong Eun as a clear way to develop the North-South relationship and peace, prosperity and unification of the Korean peninsula. (End)

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