Kim Jong-un complimented Chuan Pu-Pan’s second Sichuan gold to promote big deals

South Korean media reported that Kim Jong-un, chairman of the North Korean Affairs Committee, said: “President Trump is very concerned about the second Sichuan Gold Council and expressed his extraordinary determination and will to solve the problem. Highly rated.”

South Korea’s “East Asia Daily” pointed out on the front page today that Kim Jong-un complimented Trump’s extraordinary determination and urged the United States and North Korea to conduct big deals. Kim Jong-un-en said: “We (North Korea) believe that President Trump’s positive thinking will remain patience and goodwill and continue to wait.”

The report pointed out that the analysis believes that Kim Jong-un has complimented Trump with unusual language and expressed his intention to adopt various programs, such as checking the nuclear facilities before the abandoned Yongbyon nuclear facility, and once again urged the United States to prepare for matching with the “big deal”. Corresponding measures.

According to the report, according to a report by the North Korean Central News Agency on the 24th, Kim Jong-un made the above remarks after listening to the report of the high-ranking delegation to the US delegation headed by Jin Yingzhe, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Labor Party.

The North Korean Central News Agency reported that Chairman Kim Jong-un received a personal letter from President Trump, expressed satisfaction with the results of the talks and activities held in Washington, and publicly disclosed the contents of the talks.

An official of the South Korean government said: “Compared with the opaque talks held last year, North Korea showed confidence and revealed the idea of ​​achieving concrete results.”

The report pointed out that Kim Jong-un also re-emphasized the treatment of “segmented, synchronized”. He said: “North Korea and the United States will move forward step by step toward a common goal.”

US Secretary of State Pompeo said in an interview on the 23rd: “The dialogue with North Korea is still going on. If the two countries hold the second Sichuan Gold Summit at the end of February, they are expected to set out the substantive steps of denuclearization. .”

The report said that Trump issued a message on Twitter on the 24th: “I am looking forward to working with Chairman Kim Jong-un to conduct a better and more promising meeting.”

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