Boracay’s half-year Philippine 2018 still creates a new high for foreign tourists

Even though Boracay closed the island for half a year due to the rectification of the environment, the Philippines has set a new record of more than 7.12 million international tourists last year. Taiwanese passengers accounted for 240,842 people, ranking sixth. International tourist source.

A number of media in the Philippines quoted the Ministry of Tourism as a source of information. In 2018, a total of 7.16 million foreigners came to the Philippines, which was 7.68% higher than the 6.662 million in 2017, and also reached a record high.

South Korea is the largest source of foreign tourists in the Philippines, reaching 1,587,000 people, followed by China’s 1.25 5,258 people, followed by the United States’ 1,103,396.

The 4th to the 10th are in order: Japan, 633,801 person-times; Australia, 270,982 person-times; Taiwan, 240,842 person-times; Canada, 226,649 person-times; Britain, 200,000 person-times; Singapore, 170,000 1,795 person-times; Malaysia, 140,524 person-times.

In terms of individual months, last January was the largest number of international tourists in the Philippines, reaching 732,506.

The newspaper quoted Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, the Philippine Tourism Minister, as saying that this is a time to celebrate the record of the Philippine country’s record of visiting tourists, and the economic activities brought about by it have changed the lives of many people.

Although the number of international tourists in the Philippines reached a new high last year, it failed to meet the government’s target of 7.4 million. The main reason is that the most famous tourist attraction, Boracay, was closed for six months.

Puyette mentioned that even in the challenge of the island of Boracay, the Philippines has set a new milestone for international tourists, and the closure of Boracay has brought opportunities for other tourist attractions.

Boracay is located in the central part of the Philippines. In recent years, the environment has deteriorated due to the population increase. It was once dismissed as a “septic tank” by the President of the Philippines, Dutti. The environmental related department has closed the island since April last year and reopened in October.

According to the data, Boracay attracts 80,000 foreign tourists a month, and the 6-month closure of the island means a potential loss of 480,000 visitors.

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