The vegetative person is sexually infested and the DNA is checked out.

A disabled woman in Arizona in the United States was sexually assaulted in the long-lived institution where she lived, shocking the country. The police said that after the DNA test, the authorities had arrested the 36-year-old male nurse.

The 29-year-old victim, described by the police as “non-expressive”, gave birth to a baby boy at the end of last month, prompting the authorities to investigate.

The unexposed woman is said to be in a vegetative state, but her family objected to such a description.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson mentioned in a press conference that the suspected criminal was Nathan Sutherland, a male nurse who was charged with a sexual assault and a crime of ill-treatment of a vulnerable adult.

The police said that Sussien’s DNA was arrested in line with the male baby born to the victim.

According to the authorities, Sutherland is a licensed nursing staff who is responsible for caring for the victim during the sexual assault. Sutherland has worked in the private sector of Hacienda HealthCare for about 8 years.

Agence France-Presse reported that the victimized woman was a member of the Native American San Carlos Apache Tribe and lived in the Hacinda Sanitarium for about 10 years. The caregiver who took care of her said that they did not know that she was pregnant.

Phoenix City President Thelda Williams told reporters on the 23rd: “This should be a safe place to live, but for some people it is not.”

The health center issued a statement saying that he was fired after the news of Sutherland’s arrest.

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