Chosun government, party, group concert proceedings

The government, the party, and the union meeting of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea were held at the People’s Culture Palace on the 23rd.

The meeting was attended by two groups including Yang Hyung-seop, Kim Young-cheol, and Dong Du Kim, the chairman of the UDD, social group workers, the North Korean Committee for the June 15 Joint Declaration, the North Korean Headquarters for the Unification National Civilization, The representatives of the DPRK government, political parties and organizations participated.

At the Joint Meeting, Kim Jong Eun , a dear leader , discussed the tasks of the republican government, political parties and organizations to thoroughly carry out the task of national reunification presented in the historical New Year.

Following the report of the Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, there were discussions.

The reporters and the panelists are encouraged by the development of the North-South relationship that the dignitary supreme leader’s comrades declared in the New Year, and the principles and proposals for the permanent and promising peace guarantee of the Korean peninsula, And emphasized that it was a precise code of conduct.

As a result of the dramatic events that have never happened in the history of ethnic divisions due to the determination of the great leader’s comrades in Korea, we have made the noble accomplishments achieved last year as a springboard, And that we should make more progress in performance.

The reporters and panelists responded to the appeal of Kim Jong Eun ‘s patriotic ally to the North Korean, South, and overseas Koreans, and to the proud progress of the North-South Declaration. This year, it is another breakthrough in the development of North-South relations and peace and prosperity. I emphasized that I should be able to shine through the historical years leading to the conversion.

At the meeting, appeals to the entire Korean people were adopted.

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