Being attacked by 6 lions for 4 hours, the giraffe bravely attacked the miracle and survived [shadow]

South Africa, a natural ecological reserve, a brave giraffe was besieged by a group of lions for 4 hours, miraculously survived, there was a lion climbing On its back.

The UK’s MailOnline reported that six hungry lions in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve track their injured prey.

When the giraffe was about to dine, the lion swooped at it, two of them jumping on its huge back, and the other two lions attacked its feet.

The uploaded video shows that one of the lions held the giraffe against the teeth and claws for more than two minutes, then jumped off and started killing.

Despite the severe bleeding from the foot, the giraffe kicked the lion in the next 4 hours until the lion finally decided to give up.

The entire dramatic process was recorded by the safari guide Emily Whiting, who said she “had never seen anything like this.”

The report also attracted netizens to discuss it enthusiastically. Some messages pointed out that “the will to survive is always the most powerful!”, “Too horror… Yes, I know this is “nature”, but it is really cruel to watch an animal suffer. Someone joked to leave a message saying “Great. Now these lions will leave with hunger.”

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